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Cool, confident, relaxed: KSF IV – uBu 1 – 7

The fourth team of Karlsruher Schachfreude is indeed a good team, whose pari-pari mixture of young players and old hands caused us big problems last season. Today we were nominally the noticeably better team, but our team leader certainly didn’t expect this canters victory when the sleepy bad cap found its place a few minutes too late in the Walter-Eucken-Schule. As usual, the atmosphere was friendly and professional, although there were 100 teams gathered. As a matter of course the KSFler waited until we were complete, a procedure, which I personally vehemently support, even if some clubs unfortunately see it differently.

The fight started untroubled, all eight boards came well out of the opening, the safety was noticeable. Probably one or the other thought: “Nothing can go wrong with Mathias at 8, he is underchallenged, the guy”. And so it was, as if he was in a hurry, he quickly won with Black. Wolfgang H overplayed his opponent’s position and a short time later had an unstoppable pawn on the seventh row as well as a comfortable time buffer of two hours and 16 minutes.

Mischa was lucky enough to win a draw with a well-hidden combination, and Jürgen was next. He skilfully countered his opponent’s attacking game and easily exploited the initiative. Klaus agreed on a draw, completely unconsciously, that he would secure the team victory at a score of 0-4. Wolfgang W imitated him – he probably wanted to make an appointment. This beautiful situation allowed me to put an additional figure into a gambit game, because the position was not yet sharp enough for me. It was one of those games, which are objectively balanced all the time, but nobody wants to be the defender voluntarily. I probably would have collapsed in my opponent’s place at some point.

Zacharias, whose opponent had expected too much from a quality sacrifice, delivered the final point. Once again I witnessed that Zachi won’t let the butter be taken from his bread if he has a small material advantage – very safe in the exploitation! The KSFler have caught a very black day and the low of our first team seems to be overcome. In connection with the unexpected victory of the second team, a picture book match day!


About the author: Mathias Guthmann writes among others for culinary magazines and chess. His essays and short stories have a wide reach and are published in various specialist magazines, including international journals. In the business world, the author advises a company on PR strategies.

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