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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from uBu!

Dear chess friends, dear families,

We mentally wander between two worlds.

On the one hand, there are the memories of earlier, happy-go-lucky times. On the other, we are confronted daily with a very difficult reality.

Many things seem anonymous or purely functional to us.
The masks we have to live with hide our faces.
But once we reflect on ourselves in this situation, we suddenly realize what is really at stake.
We realize how precious it is to have someone by our side!

We learn to appreciate our partners, friends and family even more.

This is wonderful!

Perhaps in these moments we leave our everyday perspective and discover something that has been forgotten.

I think of the string quartets of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, he composed 23 of them in his time.
They look simple in the score, but they are difficult to play.
Violins, viola and cello have to harmonize perfectly.
From the individual choirs, each of which is filigree, complicated and sometimes dominant, a piece is created in the end that delights the audience.

Let us look forward with optimism, even if it is sometimes difficult.

The last few years have been extremely successful for our club.
We welcome many new members and celebrate great comebacks!

This is how it should be in the future.

In this spirit, SC uBu wishes you all a happy, hopeful holiday season and a happy new year. Stay healthy!

Your uBu, your Mathias


About the author: Mathias Guthmann writes among others for culinary magazines and chess. His essays and short stories have a wide reach and are published in various specialist magazines, including international journals. In the business world, the author advises a company on PR strategies.

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