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Four teams, four wins!

A triumph for SC uBu: Four teams, four wins!

Last Sunday will go down in the annals of the uBu chess club as a day of triumph. Four teams competed at home and all four left the matchday as winners. Edu Global was the venue where chess lovers came together to experience a true spectacle. The new 2023/24 season opened with anticipation and excitement, and the players did not disappoint. Here is an exciting account of the events of that memorable day.

1. The fourth team against Ettlingen 6

The youngest team from Ettlingen, newly crowned Baden school champions, competed against our fourth team. So you shouldn’t underestimate them. Paul on board 1 fought back spectacularly after an opening mistake and took a brilliant victory with precise combinations. Fabian on board 2 put his opponent under pressure and launched a devastating attack on the opposing king, which quickly led to victory. Mika on board 4 ended his game victorious in a flash. Dominik on board 3 contributed a draw, and so this encounter ended with a clear 3.5 to 0.5 victory.

2. The third team against Post Südstadt 2

The third team had already secured a point on board six without a fight at the start. Peter, Frank and Paraa showed outstanding performances. Paraa forced a clear winning position early on with a powerful mate threat, Frank confidently played for victory, so that mate could no longer be averted after a short middle game, and Hanno contributed to a draw. The deserved final score was 4.5 to 1.5 – an impressive win.

3. The second team against SF Hambrücken

The second team fought against SF Hambrücken and showed no weakness. Tao on board 5 rightly decided against a draw offer and won convincingly. Manfred on board 4 reached a draw in a wedged knight endgame. HP on board 2 won early and clearly, Quentin on board 3 fought his way to victory after a long and tough duel, and Leo on board 1 triumphed confidently against a nominally stronger opponent. Gerald on board 6 also achieved a clear victory. The final result of 5.5 to 0.5 was simply impressive.

4. The first team against Waldbronn 1

The first team took on Waldbronn 1, a team with impressive experience in the state league. The match started with a draw on board 3 between Sven and his opponent. Mathias on board 8 initially clearly had the upper hand, but ultimately had to be satisfied with a hard-fought draw. Michael on board 7 scored with a brilliant combination and a queen win. Wolle on board 5 initially maintained equality with Black and then won after a short middle game. Carsten on board 6 narrowly missed out on victory and contributed an important half point. The team draw therewith was almost certain, Marcus Krug on board 1 also achieved a draw, which the opponent only had through continuous check. This secured the team draw for SC uBu. In the end, Markus Rotzinger fought on board 2 and Gerd on board 4. Markus delivered an impressive fighting performance with both sides changing winning positions against a nominally stronger opponent and finally achieved a draw in a hotly contested final. Meanwhile, Gerd secured half a point in a tricky final. The end result was a deserved 5 to 3 victory for the SC uBu first team.

Overall, there were practically no losing games on this memorable day. The uBu chess club is starting the new season with a brilliant success, and there is great anticipation for future encounters. “That makes you want more!”, as Moritz aptly remarked. Many thanks go to him and all team captains for their excellent organization and leadership. SC uBu has shown that it is ready to achieve great things this season.

We can’t wait to watch the next exciting games!


About the author: Sven Hermann played as almost founder member of the club SC uBu since season 2009/10 (at that time "Kreisklasse A2") for uBu. With a break he's club member to this day. He lives for many years in Karlsruhe and plays club chess actively since 1984. He formerly played "Oberliga" in SV Mittelrhein. In BSV he used to play "Verbandsliga".

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