You are currently viewing SC uBu I triumphs with a 6-2 win against Jöhlingen I

SC uBu I triumphs with a 6-2 win against Jöhlingen I

Last Sunday, the first team of the uBu chess club gathered for a thrilling competition against the strong opponents from Jöhlingen I. The chess boards were ready, the pieces were positioned, and the fight for points and prestige began. Below are the individual encounters in non-chronological order of results.

The encounter started with flawless play by Sven and his opponent on board 3. Sven maneuvered cleverly through the opening, but ultimately ended up in an extremely balanced middlegame. The game ended in a draw early on.

Michael on board 8, on the other hand, wanted to win from the start. His tactical sophistication steered the game along strategic lines, and a king attack ultimately gave him the queen. An impressive win that put the team in the lead.

Wolle confidently dominated a double rook ending, which he cleverly brought home. Another full point on board 6 for the team, which slowly but surely gained the upper hand.

Marcus on board 1 fought hard in an even game. Despite missing chances to win, he offered his opponent a draw after the outcome of Michael’s game was already clear. A tactical decision that proved to be a wise one overall.

Markus on board 2 was really challenged and had to solve difficult problems before he could counter his opponent. Another full point for SC uBu I, which consolidated the lead.

Andrej played a solid game on board 4 without any problems. His position was always stable and he secured a very helpful draw for the team.

Gerd, who was in a balanced position on board 5 the entire time, cleverly managed to steal a piece from his opponent through a combination and thus scored another point for the team.

Last not least Carsten played a balanced game on board 7, but at one point he should have acted more energetically to perhaps force the win. In the end this resulted in a draw.

The conclusion of the exciting team fight: The first of the SC uBu left the chessboards this Sunday with an impressive record of four wins and four draws. Triumphant and tactically adept, the team proved that they are a force to be reckoned with in the Karlsruhe chess scene. We are now looking forward to the next challenges in the hope that this victory will lead to an ultimately successful season.


About the author: Sven Hermann played as almost founder member of the club SC uBu since season 2009/10 (at that time "Kreisklasse A2") for uBu. With a break he's club member to this day. He lives for many years in Karlsruhe and plays club chess actively since 1984. He formerly played "Oberliga" in SV Mittelrhein. In BSV he used to play "Verbandsliga".

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