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SC uBu I: away fight at Forst

This morning, at 9:15 a.m., we start our journey to Forst at Ubu for the away fight. Although slightly weaker than usual, we are still confident. We want to build on our success last year.

The fight begins on time and maximum concentration is required.

Chess is a game of decisions. Sven’s opponent on board 3 makes a wrong decision early in the game. White wins straight out of the opening. After 26 moves the opponent gives up. 1:0.

Shortly afterwards, the game on board 2 comes to an end, which is worth seeing. Markus with black has no problems here. 2:0 for us.

Gerd on board 4 with black comes out of the opening well. But after a small inaccuracy the game falls flat. They agree on a draw.

A nice lead of 2.5 to 0.5, but the fight is still completely open.

Michael on board 7 and Wolle on board 5, each with white, are active as usual, with an advantage, but an exciting battle is on the horizon.

Michael decides to make a sacrifice that is difficult to calculate. The opponent is forced to tactic and apparently finds a way out. For a brief moment, Michael has the advantageous settlement on the board – but unfortunately misses it. The opponent can now visibly recover from the attack and goes on to counterattack. In the end a point for Forst.

“Connection goal” – another 2.5 against 1.5 for us.

Carsten on board 6 handles cleverly in the middle game and has an extra pawn, two connected passed pawns and a strong time advantage. In fact, the opponent manages to get over the time control by a hair’s breadth. At least that’s how the referee sees it. The game continues.

Quentin on board 8 has a tough nut to crack right from the opening. Despite bitter resistance, he had to admit defeat after a tough final.

A crime thriller: the balance. 2.5 to 2.5

In the meantime, Marcus on board 1 cleverly played the opponent against the wall. While the opposing queen is reduced to an extra, Marcus’ queen gives the black king a leg up. After a nice finish, another full point for us.

It’s 3.5 to 2.5 for us again.

Wolle on board 5 has now settled from the middle game. Actually there would have been more. But this way the opponent gets a dangerous passed pawn. But Wolfgang, who is also experienced under pressure, clarifies the game with a draw in the end.

We’ve now secured the team draw – 4:3 for us.

There is board 6. Carsten does the showdown. The position is so flat that his two connected passed pawns are unopposed. Our man finishes with the deserved final score of 5:3. A result that was hotly contested at times.

For us, another important step towards promotion. SC uBu I is still in first place in the Bereichsliga Nord 3 after this match day. The potential promotion remains exciting. More then on February 18th, 2024 against SF Wiesental.

Stay tuned!


About the author: Sven Hermann played as almost founder member of the club SC uBu since season 2009/10 (at that time "Kreisklasse A2") for uBu. With a break he's club member to this day. He lives for many years in Karlsruhe and plays club chess actively since 1984. He formerly played "Oberliga" in SV Mittelrhein. In BSV he used to play "Verbandsliga".

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